The Sacha Warmi Center

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in Ecuadorian Amazonia


Sacha Warmi means “spirit woman of the forest” in the Kichwa language. A Female enchantress, she confers wisdom and beauty upon women, evoking the feminine spirit of nurturance and support for human life that arises from the Earth and Nature itself.

We invite you to create with us a beautiful and important project: the Sacha Warmi Center—an educational resource that will serve many people—located on the outskirts of the Amazonian Rainforest in the Pastaza region of Ecuador.

The Sacha Warmi Center will be a place that:

  • Provides a sensory experience that sensitizes and educates Ecuadorians and the Western world to the important inter-relationship between culture, nature and health within indigenous cultures in Amazonia.
  • Re-acquaints indigenous people with their ancestral knowledge, fosters cultural pride, and inspires the revitalization of this knowledge, particularly as it pertains to health.
  • Fosters cross-cultural learning—a place to expose Western-trained academics and healthcare practitioners to the value and importance of traditional indigenous systems of health and medicine.
  • Inspires the development of intercultural strategies to improve the health of indigenous communities in Amazonia and reciprocally contribute to the further development of Western medical approaches.

If you feel the call to help us, Sacha Warmi Center is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Every help is a blessing. Read more about our campaign …

foto_aerea_compuestaWhere the indigenous heart meets the Western mind: The Sacha Warmi Center (photo D.Lacaze)